Expect 2020’s last ‘extra punchy’ Mercury retrograde to uncover the darkest secrets

Mercury has officially entered retrograde for the last time this year and according to astrologer Josephine Corcoran, this astrological event is taking things to the next level. Here’s everything you need to know.

The final Mercury in retrograde of 2020 officially commences on October 14 at 12.04pm AEDT, lasting until November 4 at 4.49am AEDT.

The first retrograde of the year brought hidden agendas, illusions and a lot of obscurity, while the second retrograde event was all about reflecting on life and family situation.

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So, what are we in for this time round? Will we be faced with the disruption, miscommunication and chaos – enter: mental confusion, missed appointments, arguments, spontaneous schedule changes and (a lot of) broken phones – normally associated with the astrological event?

We spoke to astrologer Josephine Corcoran on everything you need to know about 2020’s last Mercury in Retrograde.

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What are the dates for 2020’s last Mercury in retrograde?

The final Mercury in Retrograde of 2020 officially commences on October 14 at 12.04pm AEDT, lasting until November 4 at 4.49am AEDT.

However, you won’t want to pen in that sigh of relief on the 4th because according to Corcoran, “issues may continue to arise up until November 20 when Mercury passes its shadow – the point at which it commenced its retrograde journey.”

What to expect from 2020’s last Mercury in retrograde

“Mercury retrograde always brings an opportunity to revise, rethink and redo things as Mercury rules communication, logical thought, news, technology and travel,” Corcoran explains.

But – and unfortunately, there’s a strong but – this retrograde is taking it to the next level.

“This retrograde packs an extra punch with its opposition to Uranus, which could deliver unexpected news, shocking revelations and bring to light matters, which have been hidden beneath the surface. With Mercury in Scorpio, it’s time for the truth to be revealed both personally and professionally and where necessary, justice served when it revisits Libra.” Yikes.

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On the negative side of the spectrum, expect to feel a lot of tension and heightened emotions.

“The fiery and disruptive nature of this Mercury retrograde could bring shocking messages, infuriating surprises, hurtful communication, disruption and without question plenty of tension that feels as though this intense period of being stuck is never going to end,” Corcoran notes. “Quite likely your feelings may more easily be hurt by what others are saying and doing.”

But don’t stress, there are in fact positives to come out of this event.

“This is a powerful time for breakthrough thinking, innovation, ramping up mindfulness activities, engaging your intuition, investigating the facts to expose the truth, and working with an expert such as a counsellor, psychologist or coach to unpack any subconscious thought patterns holding you back from aligning to your full potential.”

How to survive 2020’s last Mercury in retrograde

It’s all about tactical planning.

“Allow plenty of time in your diary for unexpected changes to your schedule should you need to put out fires and deal with news or technical glitches that surface.”

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Corcoran also highly recommends you use this time to “explore the depths of your own thinking” and to “investigate thought patterns which empower you and thought patterns which hold you back from your greatness.

For example, constantly ask yourself the following question: ‘Do your thoughts control you, or are you directing your thoughts?’

And on a self-care note, “keep up consistent exercise, embrace mindfulness practices and remember to breathe,” Corcoran says. “And remember, everyone is under enormous pressure right now and may not be as kind with how they speak to you so try not to take things personally.”

Star signs most affected by 2020’s last Mercury in retrograde

Geminis and Virgos, beware.

“They need to be conscious of the importance of clear communication both written and oral, double check their work, allow extra time for travel and anticipate delays in their normal flow of activities.”

Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo and Taurus mates should also be on extra alert as they “are most likely to experience unexpected surprises, mental breakthrough or have old friends get in touch.”

However, you’re not let off the hook if you’re not any of those six star signs. “There is an overarching tumultuous energy impacting all signs, which can manifest as constantly feeling being bombarded with new information that causes you to have to change your plans,” Corcoran warns.

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What to expect post-Mercury in retrograde?

Don’t stress because there are only good things to come after this astrological event.

“When Mercury enters Sagittarius on December 2, 2020, people will start to put their mental attention towards the big picture with the realisation that a new era is here to stay and new ways of thinking are key,” Corcoran says.

“Expect a desire to get clear on your personal vision, identify who you want to share your ideas with, who you want to learn from and how you want to work in a way that stands for the greater good.”

Thank goodness!

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