3D to 5D What Does It Actually Mean?

With so much reference made to the shift from 3D to 5D, do you really know what it feels like and how it will impact change in your life?

Let’s begin….

The ‘D’ bit refers to Spiritual Dimensions which mirror our spiritual growth as we experience it in our human being.

The number before the ‘D’ refers to the level of consciousness in that dimension.

Globally, humans have been in a 3D level of consciousness. This is represented by feelings of fear, limitations, lack of inter-connectedness, suffering, working hard to succeed and being locked in time and space.

If you feel yourself being drawn into fear due to conspiracy theories or feelings of being out of control during the pandemic and what is going to happen, then you will more than likely still be experiencing and living in 3D consciousness.

Since last year, humans have been shifting into a higher state of consciousness towards and into 5D .

The 5D state feels effortless, a word I used a lot towards the end of 2019 for 2020.

The more people move into 5D, the more humans will experience oneness, radical forgiveness, unconditional love, manifestations at a faster rate and a feeling of being supported by energy as our dreams and purpose begins to unfold.

In order for this to happen in the first instance, we must surrender the old story we have been told and at the very least be open there being another way.

The resistance created in hanging on to the old narrative of struggle fight and pain keeps humans rooted in the old 3D energy.

Some of worlds population will choose not to move up to 5D . The soul chooses how to experience life and for some souls, the greater learning is in the denser energies.

During the ascension progress, you will experience symptoms such as:


· ringing in the ears as we learn to attune to the new frequencies

· waking up at 2–4am when the veil between physical and spiritual world becomes thinner

· dreaming vividly, particularly about people dying and having babies and loved ones on the other side

· fatigue as you try to up-level in the human body via the cells

· headaches

· women’s monthly cycles becoming more irregular than normal as our bodies fall into a new rhythm

· dehydration due to the energy and physical body working harder than normal

· dizziness or shape shifting

· vanishing objects and flickering whilst your eyes adjust to the new vibrations of clairvoyance

· teeth/tooth ache linked to speaking truth as we find we cannot help ourselves with voicing the the truth according to our new being

· tingling in the body similar to electrical charges where your cells are upgrading

· swing in appetite as up-levelling can make you very hungry

· feeling cold and shivery as we try to regulate our temperature


· emotional instability with a new cycle of old memories, behaviours and cycles ending

· fear, anger and sadness as a reflection of the above which will be felt just before the turning point of letting go

· feeling homesick for a place you do not know and even a lack of belonging in your current family and social dynamics


There are several ways to help manage or alleviate the extent to which you may feel ascension symptoms and here are just a few:

· meditate, slow down the mind, breath and in turn the body to allow space to absorb the new calibrations

· allow calibration, don’t fight the symptoms beginning with slowing down the pace at which you consume information, how much you physically and mentally do

· spend time in nature as the electromagnetic charges of the earth help balance those charges within us

· exercise, walk, move to help flush out any emotional imbalances which you may struggle to process

· listen to your body, slow down when you feel overwhelmed

· align with what feels true and stay away from media or news that creates a feeling of fear in you

· eat what your body is intuitively telling you as your body always knows what is required, we just forget to listen


Ascension always comes with increased intuition or awakenings. You may begin to:

· receive messages from spirit, either spirit guides or loved ones past

· the messages will be direct, gentle and loving unlike those of the mind and therefore need awareness and stillness to be heard

· hearing spontaneous messages and downloads when least expected — this is the veil of your third eye lifting

· remembering your soul’s path, wishes and journey as thoughts, visions and feeling become clearer


To create the flow of connection with your intuition, you might find it helpful to:

· journal the downloads, messages and dreams as they happen — you will notice a pattern forming with the channelled messages you receive

· try not to take every word as a given as messages or a dream tend to repeat the same message in more than one way

· learn to connect with the heart voice not the head voice


When you experience an awakening, your intuition may be at full blast allowing you to experience a wonderful, clear connection with source energy and as if in an instant, you may find you loose the connection.

The initial connection is the remembering of your abilities as a light worker, a soul or a higher frequency being. In order to strengthen your abilities, you will need to practice and have intentional devotion whilst remaining unattached.

This means not trying to see, hear and feel, instead, sitting back and being the observer in your mind’s eye.

You may want to begin with an area that you are particularly drawn to such as crystals, land healing, free writing as a form of channelling or even body scanning. Being in the place where you feel a pull will be the place to begin your practice of devotion.

Master this area before you move on. We have a tendency to want to master all levels very quickly without any depth. This, will not serve you well. Wherever you begin is valuable, worthy and needed and ultimately, you will be drawn to working in a place of reflection ie: working in an area that is needed for you in your lifetime in this time and space now.

Find a community either online or in person. Being present with others that vibrate on a higher frequency will allow you to open up activating your new levels of intuition. There is always new level of learning and awareness to be had regardless of where and how you are connected and whether you are new to this world or have been connected for some time.

We are on a constant journey of healing, deepening our physical and energy presence which means that whatever you have healed before will come back at a new level to elevate you further.

5D; the dimension of oneness, joy and ease — welcome!

Originally posted here by Yasmin Ibrahim

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